Eating out is one of great, if not greatest, pleasures in life.

It’s delicious, it’s social, you don’t have to do the dang dishes afterwards.


But unless you’re a social media influencer who dines for free wherever they go, eating out is an expensive habit.

So what would you do if we told you there’s an app you can download that will pay you to wine and dine?

Liven is a clever little Aussie app that offers diners 25 per cent cash back on their bill when they eat at more than 500 top restaurants across Melbourne in Sydney. The app’s been around since 2014, but has picked up some serious steam in the past couple of months, with over 120,000 registered users hopping aboard.

The self-described “lifestyle loyalty payment app” works like this.

You pay for your restaurant bill through the app on your phone. 25 per cent of the value of that meal is then credited back into your account. 

You can use that credit at any other participating restaurant. 

Average users can cop around $20 per meal, but some regulars have accrued more than $1500 credit in their accounts. That is fat stacks o’ digital cash.

It sounds nuts, but when you consider the fact that ‘Strayans spend $45 billion a year dining out, the app makes sense.

But who gives you the money back? Is it the app or the restaurant?

It’s the restaurant. But it makes sense for them – being on the books and giving up a portion of their profit is a small price to pay for the loyalty that the app promotes.

It’s unlikely you’d get bored of their selection of restaurants and cafes, too. There’s a good selection of fine dining right through to fast food. Pasta bar Sauced, Zushi Sushi in Surry Hills, St Kilda‘s iconic Rococo, Lord of the Fries and Chur Burger are just a few of ’em.

The app also gives you the option to donate some or all of your earnings to charity partners like Beyond Blue, RSPCA, and the Heart Foundationeveryone wins.

You can download the app at the App Store.

Photo: Grey’s Anatomy.