If you’re the kind of person who gets incredibly nervous when your phone battery slips below 20 per cent, this recently announced smartphone might be the one for you, but there’s a catch – she thicc.

It’s called the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, and as the name suggests, it’s a product by the popular battery company of the same name. Well, it was actually made by the French company, Avenir, but rebranded as Energizer.

While the device itself is obviously enormous, it boasts an incredible battery life. With it, you could watch continuous video for two entire days, or leave it on standby for 50. 50 days of battery life. Unreal.

But still, there’s no way you could slip this thicc-ass phone into the pocket of your skinny jeans, folks. It’s at least three regular smartphones thick. Look at it. LOOK.

It’s 18mm thick, mates, with most of that space taken up by its enormous 18,000mAH battery. Essentially, it’s a battery with a phone strapped to it. As you can probably imagine, charging such a beast takes quite a while. To get to a full charge, you’ll need to leave it plugged in for eight hours, and that’s with fast charging capabilities.

Otherwise, the Energizer Power Max includes 6GB of RAM, a three-camera system, and 128GB of storage space. It runs on the Android operating system, which is good news if you’re already running a Samsung or similar.

To celebrate the thicc phone in all its glory, here’s Enter Shikari‘s 2007 hit, Return to Energizer. Fitting, no?

Image: Sam Rutherford