Marvel‘s own Spider-Man game drops on September 7, folks, and if you weren’t already siked as fuck about it, a new story trailer will sure as hell do the trick.

It’s one of the first times we get a good look at Spidey‘s mates and an overview of the main story – a team of wonky-looking supervillains are pillaging the city and Mr Web Man has to stop them etc etc. It looks awesome, so you should have a look for yourself below.

“The high stakes in Marvel’s New York escalate, as Mayor Norman Osborn is willing to take no risks during his re-election bid,” the trailer description reads. “He hires Silver Sable and her security force, Silver Sable International, to restore order to the city – which includes stopping someone he believes is contributing to the mayhem: Spider-Man.”

I got to give the game a whirl at this year’s E3 and as someone who isn’t usually into superhero games, I gotta tell ya, this one’s absolutely an exception. It’s kinda like GTA V, only you’re Spider-Man and instead of cars, you get around with your web slingy skills. It’s mad.

Spider-Man drops on PlayStation 4 on September 7 and will be exclusive to the platform. If you don’t already have a PS4, it’s not a bad time to buy one considering the number of insane exclusives they have coming out over the next year or so. As a bonus, you’ll also get to play the new God of War, which is honest to dog one of the best console game I’ve played in years.

Image: Insomniac Games