There’s A Dating-Style App For Yr Superannuation Cos That’s A Thing In 2017

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with GROW Super to get your superannuation outta the dark ages. Keep reading to find out how their app will shake up your financial future, or just download the app HERE and sort your shit super out in mere minutes.

Life’s more unpredictable than ever. Questions like, “Will I ever own a home?” and, “Am I legit going to get a job after I finish uni?” are left perpetually unanswered. It’s essentially like going on one blind date after another, because you never know if you’re about to be breaking bread with some hot lil’ piece, or if you’ll be asking Quasimodo to pick up the bill.
In light of this, we’ve become zombie-like beings who DGAF about their future – cynically (+ reasonably) succumbing to the idea that everything’s entirely out of our control (*shakes fist at the ~powers that be~*). 
There’s one thing, however, that we are quick to neglect (even though it’s one part of our future we have some control over) and it goes by the name of superannuation.
GROW Super is the new kid on the block injecting some much-needed sexiness into the admittedly drab superannuation industry. Knowing that most of us feel a bit “eh” towards superannuation (even though we really, really shouldn’t), they’ve wisely created an app that makes connecting with your super easy AF.
In addition to having your money managed by a team that’s smart AF (like Nobel Prize winning smart), here are a few of GROW’s features you’ll wanna get around:
  • Use your spare change to beef up your funds – The app automatically rounds up everyday purchases by connecting with your bank account. Buy a schooey of beer, festival tickets or over-priced smashed avo, and small cash amounts go into your fund to pack an even bigger punch. This is a pretty big deal – saving $50 a month via your super from age 25 should give you an extra $70k when you retire. 
  • Invest in what matters to you – You’re given the power to invest into industries you care about like tech, startups, clean energy, sustainable industries and property. Oh, and it’s as simple as swiping right / left on the available options all Tinder-style. That’s correct, swiping left or right could make you money. Unlike other swipe apps which may cost you money, pride, dignity or a limb if things go exceptionally bad.
  • Stop. Consolidate and listen – Y’know that feeling of, “I don’t want to go to my folks’ house because they’ll hassle me about my 12 superannuation accounts”? GROW have created a way to consolidate your super at the press of a button. Just whack in your tax file number and the app finds every penny in your name, whether you know about it or not. There’s no paperwork and you won’t have to track down super fund statements that remain beautifully preserved in the envelopes they were received in. This is no small thing: Aussies have $11.6 billion in lost super, with the average lost balance almost $20,000.
Yep, what a time to be alive. 
Head HERE to sex up your superannuation with GROW.
Photo: Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Getty.