“There Are So Many Dicks”: Logan Paul’s First Twitch Stream Got Trolled Hard

Disgraced YouTuber, Logan Paul, ever hungry for attention, has decided to start streaming on Twitch, but it looks like the community is having none of it. Mere minutes into his very first Fortnite stream, the chat window was bombarded with trolls and crude dick drawings.

His team had to mute the microphone while they worked to rid the stream of obscenities. “There are so many dicks,” one of the producers said. “We got spammed so fast,” another said.

At one point, Paul said he would change his channel rules as soon as he could to allow only subscribers to comment. “Eventually when I’m an affiliate, the chat is going to be sub only because it gets crazy,” he said.

“I encourage a healthy chat,” he added. “I want to have a positive experience and I want us to have fun.”

Paul’s YouTube popularity crumbled last year when he filmed and uploaded a video of a dead body in the Japanese suicide forrest. Since then, he’s being trying desperately to regain his audience and reputation, which really isn’t going well. After a three week hiatus, his return was marked with a video of him tasing a dead fucking rat.

It’s painfully obvious that old mate is simply jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon following the games recent explosive success, and the Twitch community is sick of “normies” trying to cash in on it.

You can suss out his channel here if you really want to. There was roughly 70,000 people watching when I checked last, but its total views is sitting around 1.5 million.