The Witcher Has A Pokémon Go-Style Game Coming Out So Guess I’ll Toss A Coin To My App Store

Brace your phones, brave warriors, there’s a brand new mobile game coming our way, themed after The Witcher, and it’s going to be just like Pokémon Go. Throughout the game, we’ll apparently be able to visit our favourite pubs and parks to fight off a whole array of monsters from The Witcher universe, so get out your white hair kids. It’s adventure time.

Have no fear about COVID stopping our fun just yet, however, as the free mobile game will only have a release date sometime near the end of 2020. You can probably expect this one to come out at a time when venturing outdoors is reasonable again in 2021.

‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’ is set to take place before all the action of the books and games, which means brand spanking new content for the lot of us. It is also being published by Spokko, a studio closely attached to CD Projekt Red, the Poland-based company that gave us the Witcher game series.

“Foul creatures roam the Continent, it is your job to become the monster slayer, track prey lurking nearby and take them down with your sword in augmented reality!” says the trailer for the upcoming AR Witcher game.

The game will be available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and will be announced later this year. Spokko also promises “console-grade visuals,” and the use of time-of-day and weather mechanics to influence gameplay.

You can catch me out in the rain swinging my phone at the clouds next year.