You Can Do WooHoo In A Dumpster In ‘The Sims: Eco-Lifestyle’ & Now I’m Dangerously Horny

the sims dumpster woohoo

The Sims 4 recently blessed us with another fun-filled expansion pack, Eco Lifestyle and I never realised how badly I wanted to partake in dumpster WooHoo.

I jumped at the chance to play Eco Lifestyle because who wouldn’t want to pimp out their Sims’ lives with solar panels and recycled furniture, right? But while I love a good windmill as much as the next guy, EA Games really missed the opportunity to call this expansion The Sims 4: Dumpster Fucking, because that’s the real selling point here.

Throughout the various games, we’ve been pretty limited with where we can do the deed (WooHoo), so the fact that we can now get horned up in the dumpster is a real curveball for The Sims fans.

Somehow, this is the greatest addition to the game that we didn’t even know we needed. Do I want to have real life non-virtual sex in a dumpster? Absolutely not. But will I repeatedly click the “WooHoo” button until my Sims are physically incapable of doing the deed? You betcha.

Aside from the WooHoo addition, the DLC is pretty great all-round. It doesn’t add quite as much to the game as other expansions like Seasons or University, but it gives a whole new town (Evergreen Harbour) and allows you to focus on sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives to help better your town.

New features include the ability to set up community gardens, dumpster dive for furniture and vote on Neighbourhood Action Plans, which are pretty horny within themselves.

The Neighbourhood Action Plans give an element of politics to the game that we’ve never seen before. Sure, you can vote on important things like green gardening and recycling, but you can also vote for the Free Love plan that enables your Sims to run around naked and do dumpster WooHoo with whoever they damn well please.

Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been in isolation for the past few months, but this eco-friendly expansion is giving me some ~really~ horny vibes. Who said caring for the planet won’t get you laid? Not EA Games, that’s for sure.

If you’re not a horny gremlin like me, this game still has a bunch of really cool features like the ability to live completely off-the-grid, a house that’s made out of shipping containers, and a bunch of new furnishings and decor that’ll have you designing the tiny house of your dreams in no time.

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