Internet shitlords are after your hard-earned cash once again, folks. This time, they’ve recreated the MyGov website in an attempt to siphon your personal details.

Those targeted by the scam have reported receiving an email asking them to update their EFT details for payments. Clicking on the provided link takes users to an identical version of the MyGov page where, once your details are entered, the information is fed back to the assholes who literally recreated the most boring website of all time. You can see how it all looks in the ABC Brisbane Facebook post below.

“If you input your login details you are directed to also enter your secret security question and answer, before you’re taken to the fake Medicare website to input your bank account details,” the Stay Safe Online press release reads. “These emails and web pages feature myGov and Medicare design and branding, making them appear legitimate.”

While the email and website look legit, there are ways to spot the fake. Firstly, the URL for the bung site is, whereas the actual site is You should also be suspicious of any emails not addressed to you directly or has incorrect details.

If you cop this email or similar ones, Stay Safe Online says you should take the following steps:

  • Do not click on links in emails or text messages claiming to be from myGov or Medicare. Stay Smart Online says myGov will never send you a text, email or attachment with hyperlinks or web addresses
  • Don’t open messages if you don’t know the sender, or if you’re not expecting them
  • Be suspicious of messages that aren’t addressed directly to you, or don’t use your correct name
  • Login to your official myGov account by typing the web address into your browser, to check your inbox for any legitimate emails from Medicare
  • You can also contact the organisation separately to check if they have sent the message

Stay safe on the line, folks.

Source: ABC News
Image: Getty Images