The iPhone Has A Secret Feature That Tallies How Much You Use Social Media

Smartphones have become an increasingly large party of our existence since their birth. That’s just a bloody fact, m8. 

We all know that we spend far too much time staring at them, too, but would seeing the actual amount of time you spend on each app surprise you? I’d hazard a guess that it would. 
If you’re feeling brave, there’s absolutely a way to find out if you have an iPhone.
All you have to do is jump into your iPhone settings and scroll down to tap on Battery. It’ll take a few seconds to load, but under battery usage you’ll see a list of apps with a percentage next to each one. This is how much battery is eaten up by those apps over either 24 hours or 7 days, depending on what you’ve selected at the top of the list. 
At the top right side of that list there’s a little clock icon. Tap that bad boy to see how much time each app has been on screen, as well as the time it occupies in the background. Scary, no?
It’s also a helpful way of knowing which app is responsible for draining the living fuck out of your battery everyday. 
And in another, far more human way, it’s a good indicator of whether or not you have an unhealthy addiction to Candy Crush. Give it a rest, would ya?
Photo: The Big Bang Theory.