Telstra’s Running Another Cracking Phone Deal If You’re Horny For A New One

Contributor: Joseph Hanlon

Attention nerdlings: Telstra is trying to hijack Easter with a new phone promotion, and though it’s hard to see the link between the smartphones, eggs, bunnies and Jesus, we couldn’t care less. This is an awesome phone for cheap.

[jwplayer u4AeGU7l]

Telstra has updated its new deals page and this week is hocking the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy S10e with a $10 per month discount regardless of which plan you choose. This means the phone is free on a $99 plan, or just $10 a month on the $79 plan, which is the pick of the bunch. 

The Galaxy S10e is the cute-as-a-button baby phone that Samsung launched a few weeks ago, alongside two other bigger S10 models. But don’t think the S10e is a budget version of the bigger phones. It has all of the same bits and pieces inside, including a pretty stellar camera, it’s just packed into a phone that you can use with one hand.

If you love the sound of an Easter discount but you can’t tear yourself away from the Apple life, Telstra is also offering an iPhone XR with the same $10 per month discount, though it still works out a fair bit more expensive than the Galaxy S10e.

The only catch to both deals is that you can’t have the discount with all colours or storage options. With the Samsung S10e the deal is available with the shiny, minty green handset, and with the iPhone, you can choose from red, coral or banana yellow.

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