Telstra & Optus Offer Free Data To Make Life During COVID-19 A Smidge Easier

Aussie telco giants Telstra and Optus have unveiled free broadband data packages for customers facing the nation’s coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, allowing punters to absolutely churn through some online smut access to work-from-home solutions.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn has announced the company will scrap data limits for anyone with a personal or small business home broadband account, allowing Australians to plumb the depths of horny content to work from home without fear of eviscerating their data cap (until April 30, at least).

Post-paid mobile customers, including small business account holders, will also be granted a hefty 25GB of data to use within the next 30 days, permitting users to crank and/or rub one out with added flexibility. Anyone seeking to take advantage of that offer has been asked to scope it out through Telstra’s 24×7 app.

Pre-paid customers with a credit balance of greater than $40 can also access 10GB of data without paying a cent extra. From Thursday, eligible pensioners with home phone plans will find they will be able to make calls nationwide free of charge until April 30.

Over at competitors Optus, eligible postpaid mobile customers can claim a one-off dose of 20GB data to spend exclusively on some of that really immersive VR content in April, however they wish. Post-paid pals who top up with at least $40 can slap an extra 10GB on their tally for free, too.

You can scope out the Telstra fine print here, and the advice from Optus here.

The moves come as Australian telcos prepare to face an onslaught of demand, given the fact many office workers and students are now working from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review over the weekend, a National Broadband Corporation (NBN Co) spokesperson said, “With more people working, studying and generally spending more time at home streaming content, we are seeing a change in the profile of data traffic on the NBN, with increasing residential usage of the network throughout the day and in the busy hours (7-11pm).”

And, in conversation with Nine News, NBN Co Chief Executive Stephen Rue today said the technology is capable of handling the tidal wave of horned-up and housebound punters Australians likely to log on in the coming days and weeks.

“We are actively working with retailers and have the complete support of our government stakeholders to ensure we do everything possible to optimise the NBN to support the expected increase in residential use,” Rue said.

So, whip open Incognito Mode and get to it.