A New Tamagotchi Is Coming Soon & Someone Needs To Confiscate My Credit Card Immediately


If you’re looking for a reason to yeet yourself back into your youth in an attempt to forget how god-awful this year is, you’re in luck because there’s a brand spankin’ new Tamagotchi coming soon.

I know, I know, the OG Tamagotchi made a come back last year. But this one is different, it’s new, and most-importantly, it’s in full colour, baby!

If, like me, you drowned your Tamagotchi on a school excursion to the wetlands and your mum never let you buy another one because you were ~irresponsible~, you’re in luck because now you’re an adult and you can spend your hard earned cash on children’s toys without your mum’s approval. Sorry mum!

The new Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden comes in two cute colours: lavender and turquoise, and feature the same iconic egg shape that’s sure to hit you right in the feels.

Much like the OG, the Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden lets you adopt your own virtual pet to feed, love and play with. But in addition to the stuff we all know and love, the rebooted-version also includes a library and a dressmaker, because you know, your pet needs clothes and books.

You can also travel to new worlds, eat out at restaurants and get married (!!!). If your isolationship has surpassed the point of Animal Crossing first dates and you’re ready to take it up a notch, you can now have a wedding in Tamagotchi world. I mean, talk about iconic.

And if that wasn’t enough to sell you on the idea of paying real adult dollars (the stuff you use to *checks notes* keep yourself alive) on a children’s toy, you can also drop off your Tamagotchi bebe to day care so it won’t die like it did when you neglected it for a few days back in primary school.

To put it simply, it’s all the fun of an OG Tamagotchi without the commitment of having to keep it alive and the soul-destroying guilt when you eventually kill it.

The release comes just months after the Animal Crossing: New Horizons reboot, which was the perfect amalgamation of nostalgia feels and new, exciting features. So I’d be willing to bet these bad boys will be flying off the shelves the second they’re released.

The new Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden will set you back $59.99USD (roughly $87AUD) on Amazon from July 26. It’s a steep price to pay for some childhood nostalgia, but it’s been a tough year and maybe you just need to treat yourself.