Sydney Man Taps Out Of Reality, Has Opal Card Implanted In His Bloody Hand

Ok, there’s two parts to this story so I’ll ask that you bear with me while we tackle them head-on. 

Part 1: There is a strange man from Sydney and his name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow. This is his real name. The reason he changed his name is because he was “name agnostic” and thought it would be an “interesting experience”.
He’s a scientists and even entered the political arena as part of The Science Party during last year’s federal election. Great, are we satisfied with this man’s very real, very legal name? Good, let’s move on. 
Part 2: Meow-Meow has an Opal card implanted in his hand and can now tap-on like the card-less lunatic he is. 
He had the chip cut out of the card and encased in a bio-compatible plastic. The implant measure 10mm by 6mm and was implanted under the skin on the outer side of his left hand. 
“It gives me an ability that not everyone else has, so if someone stole my wallet I could still get home,” he told ABC News. “My goal is to have frictionless interaction with technology.”

Meow-Meow has to wave his chip 1cm from the card reader to work, a distance much closer than traditional cards due to the implant’s smaller antenna. He also says he sometimes needs to tap more than once for it to work.
Ahh, frictionless. 

Transport for NSW are not impressed with the stunt, stating that it breaches the Opal card’s terms of use. 
“Transport for NSW does not support the tampering or damaging of Opal Cards, which would be a breach of the terms of use,” they said. “Customers that are caught tampering with their Opal card may have their card cancelled.”
The terms also say that misused cards can be confiscated by transit officers. Good luck, it’s under his fuckin’ skin, mate. You gonna cut it out, are ya? Mad. 
In a much more likely scenario, Transport for NSW say they would just deactivate his card if he is discovered using it. 
In all seriousness, this isn’t something you should try for yourself, but if you’re compelled to do so, Meow Meow recommends doing plenty of research, consulting a professional and having it done my a legitimate body piercer, as he did. 
“Most certainly don’t try this at home unless you know what you’re doing,” he said.
Source: ABC News.
Photo: ABC News / Nick Dole.