We’re fairly sure this took entirely too long to happen, but it finally did. Mario birth-giver and serial Nintendo genius Shigeru Miyamoto made a guest appearance at this morning’s Apple keynote to announce the first official Mario iPhone game, Super Mario Run.

It’s essentially a ‘runner’ in which Mario will be automatically running and you simply control his jumps. Think of it like the movie Speed, only Keanu Reeves has been replaced by a cheery Italian plumber that can’t go below 30mph. EXCITE!

While there’s no hard release date for the game, Nintendo reckon it’ll be out in time for the holidays. You’ll also have to shell out an unknown amount of money to purchase the game, ‘cos premium Mario ain’t free, baby.

But don’t cry yourself to sleep just yet, Android users. Nintendo told Kotaku that they “do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

You can suss the announcement complete with Miyamoto’s adorable one-handed train playability motions below.

Source: Kotaku.

Photo: Getty.