If you’re still using a Nintendo Wii for some weird reason, you might wanna think about upgrading, particularly if you’re using the console to watch Netflix, because soon you’re not going to be able to.

Netflix sent out an email recently alerting users that Nintendo will be shuttering all video streaming services and apps for the Wii after January 31st, 2019, so if you were using it with other video apps, you’ll need to reconsider those, as well.

I mean, you should probably just upgrade anyway, because the Switch is a far superior console. It doesn’t have Netflix support just yet, but a YouTube app was announced last week, so the streaming giant shouldn’t be too far behind with its own, especially if support is ending for the Wii.

The Nintendo console hit shelves in 2005 and was wildly popular for its use of motion controls, allowing gamers to play tennis or go bowling in their living rooms, which, for some, lead to Wiimotes obliterating perfectly good flat screen TVs.

I’d expect an announcement for a Switch Netflix app from them or Nintendo before support ends for the Wii early next year. I’d honestly be surprised if people were still using a 13-year-old console to stream video, particularly one which only puts out at 480p.

At the very least, just get a smart TV. They all come with a bloody Netflix button these days.

Image: Nintendo