OMG: There Is Now A Battle Royale Version Of Wordle & May The Squares Be Ever In Your Favour


It’s here folks, it’s here!! The multiplayer version of Wordle you’ve all been waiting for, a battle royale game to weed out the losers and confirm your literary supremacy once and for all.

There are a lot of Wordle variations that have come out since the cult-game first went viral, and as PEDESTRIAN.TV’s self-proclaimed Wordle correspondent, I’ve already collated every spin-off I could find into a Wordle master list.

But the latest variation to hit the Wordle bootleg market has even my expert legs quaking — for it is a battle royale style game that eliminates weaker players to eventually crown the last player standing as Wordle royalty.

Introducing Squabble, a a multi-player Wordle spin off that I am honestly scared to play, lest it ruin my self esteem forever.

Squabble is a multi-player, survival game version of Wordle that allows you to “fight” other players, eliminating those that are slow to guess or guess incorrectly, until only the fasted and most accurate players are left.

To ensure maximum chaos, this version of Wordle has a time limit component.

Essentially, everyone starts the game with 100 HP. But every second you spend guessing the game’s word is a health point lost, and then you heal the damage with a correct guess. Or make it worse with an incorrect guess.

Currently, the game has two types of game modes: “Blitz” and “Squabble Royale.” Both of them are multiplayer, but Blitz is a smaller game with 2-5 players (so you can find out who the best Nerdle in your group chat is).

Squabble Royale, on the other hand, has the possibility of 6-99 players. So time to gather every insufferable Wordle know-it-all you know and shove them into one game to prove that you are, in fact, better than them.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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