Spotify’s Testing A Feature That’s Gonna Out Your Mates’ Guilty Pleasures

Some Spotify users have begun seeing a new playlist called Friends Weekly, which is essentially a list of songs your mates have been listening to during that week. A spokesperson confirmed with The Verge that the company is indeed testing the feature.

While it appears to have rolled out to a larger group of people now, not everyone will have access to it just yet and there are no guarantees that the playlist will even make it beyond the testing phase. I had a look to see if I was part of the group, but alas, it doesn’t show up in my app.

A user who does have access to the feature recently posted a screenshot showing a further playlist that seems to be based on your friends’ Discover Weekly playlists, rather than just the songs they’re vibing from the week.

That being said, you can actually just follow your friends’ Discover playlists now anyway, so there you go.

Of course, the best part of seeing what all your friends are listening to is mercilessly outing their terrible guilty pleasures on a public forum of your choosing, but it’s also a good way to actually find new tunes you’re into.

It’s a clever little addition from Spotify who, in my opinion, is still unrivalled in terms of a decent algorithm for identifying new music that you’d actually listen to. Hopefully Friends Weekly makes the cut so we all get to give it a whirl.