Soz But Those Stories About Niantic Making ‘Harry Potter Go’ Are V. Fake


By now, you’ve likely seen a story (or twenty) circulating that the company behind ‘Pokémon Go‘, Niantic, are working on a similar game for the Harry Potter franchise, creatively titled ‘Harry Potter Go‘. 
It’s been reported as fact by major sites such as UPROXX,, and even NME.
And we’re really really really sorry to break the dream, but it ain’t real. Pls 4give. 
While there’s always a possibility it could happen, it’s not happening in the near future: Niantic sure as hell haven’t announced it, or even mentioned it.
All the stories were based on an IGN interview with ‘Niantic senior developer Marcus Figueroa‘, who stated that they’d acquired the rights to the Harry Potter version of the popular app, and they were now working on it. 
The quotes were ‘re-published’ on JTHX:
Except when you click on that hyperlink to the IGN hyperlink, there’s no interview. 
And if you search ‘Marcus Figueroa‘ on IGN, it comes up with no complete search results. 
Oh, and when you Google Marcus Figueroa, it only links back to the JTHX story – not a mention of Niantic to be seen. 
Tech site Gizmodo alerted us to this hoax in a timely reminder everyone else to double check yer ruddy sources. If you click on the homepage of JTHX, it’s pretty clearly a fake ‘news’ site that makes up stories in order to anger the internet and trick mainstream media sites (UPDATE: Now, all other faux ‘news stories’ on the site have disappeared.).
And boy oh boy, did they win the lotto on this one – tricking not only the frenzied ‘Pokémon Go‘ fan base, as well as the Potterheads who are currently frothing over the fact eighth book ‘Harry Potter & The Cursed Child‘ was just released
It’d almost be impressive if it wasn’t so dramatically devastating and rage-inducing for two separate and insanely passionate fan bases. 
Breathe, everyone. Breathe. 
Source: Gizmodo