SORRY FELLAS: The Deets Of Over 800K Brazzers Users Have Leaked Online

Hey fellas. How’s it going? Having a good morning? Spring is here, the sun is out… I got into the office at 6am this morning and it wasn’t pitch black, which was nice. It’s warm, the birds are singing… oh, and by the way, your Brazzers details have possibly been hacked and leaked.

The names of almost 800,000 registered users of the popular porn site have been nicked, via a vulnerability in the site’s associated forums, called – shockingly – Brazzersforum. That’s right folks, there are porn forums where insanely horny dudes can chat about what it is they love most about porn (hint: it’s the fucking).
The dump of data includes email addresses, user names and passwords spelled out in plain text. So if you sign up for porno sites with your work email and password because you’re a massive peanut, I’m sorry.
“Problem with a hack like that is it’s a forum,” security researcher Troy Hunt told the BBC. “Worse than just adult website creds, this is what people were talking and fantasising about.”

Brazzers have confirmed the breach and have said they are taking measures to address the vulnerability in the server software. Look, if you just used the site to watch porn and didn’t write about your fucked up and probably illegal fantasises on the associated forums, you might be ok. But 800,000 people is quite a lot, y’know.
Source: BBC.
Photo: Tim & Eric.

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