Snapchat Is Getting Dragged For Adding Makeup To Marie Curie IWD Filter

Snapchat have made an effort to celebrate International Women’s Day with a set of filters that project the features of Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Marie Curie onto the user’s face. 

For the most part, it’s a nice gesture, but unfortunately, the photo app misses the mark when it comes to Curie’s filter and the addition of eye makeup. 
Sure, it’s a nice enough gesture (insofar as it’s marketing ploy that also honours groundbreaking women throughout history) for Snapchat to honour the Nobel Prize-winning physicist with a filter, but smokey eye makeup and eyeliner is a pointless addition that bears no resemblance to Curie’s pictures or her character. 
Her achievements were in science, not fucking makeup. Understandably, y’all aren’t impressed. 

While the other two filters also apply facial features to the user, they’re far more consistent with the memorable features of those women, such as Kahlo’s unibrow and Parks’ hat and glasses. These filters apply context rather than makeup for the sake of it. 
Look, credit to Snapchat for giving it a go, but c’mon guys, you can do much better. 
Photo: Twitter / @jaylinhersk / @Selfies_AndCats.

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