Snapchat Gets Its Revenge On Instagram By Copying Stories’ Biggest Feature

The tables, they have turned. In this unholy war for which social media platform has the best (read: exactly the same) ‘stories’ feature, it appears no one is safe. 

Instagram introduced their own blatantly copied stories function around three months ago and within weeks, it managed to attract 100 million users per day. To put that into perspective, Snapchat‘s entire platform receives around 150 million users per day. 
Despite there being very little difference between the functionality of the two, one new feature did catch the eye of Snapchat, who promptly decided to chuck a mad swifty and steal it for themselves. And thus, the stories war grinds on. 
Part of Snapchat’s latest update, the stolen feature grants users the ability to rewind snaps by tapping on the left side of the screen. Tapping to the right will behave as normal – continuing to the next snap in the story sequence. 
Until now, if you wanted to re-watch your mate Daveo lung an entire dart it one hit, you’d have to exit the story, scroll down until you find him in the list and watch the entire thing again. Annoying and devastatingly unacceptable. 
The new update also includes filter functionality for the rear-facing camera and the ability to share your friend’s stories with others, so ya best watch what you’re snappin’, aye. 
Source: Snapchat.
Photo: Broad City.