Someone Made A Playable ‘Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge’ When All We Wanted Was ‘Bonestorm’

Instead of buying us Bonestorm or going to hell, a Simpsons fan from Canada has gone full Marge Simpson and gifted the world with a playable version of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. And folks, it’s bloody good as hell. It’s simple, it’s exactly what you’d expect, and it rules.

Aaron Demeter unleashed the short-and-sweet playable version of the boring-ass video game over the weekend, which you can play online for at least five (5) minutes of 8-bit entertainment.

lee carvallo putting challenge

The actually-playable version of the game that every kid absolutely wants for Christmas has everything you could ever want – the ability to use a 3-wood on a putting green, the option to smack it with a power drive, and the playthrough of your ball ending up in the parking lot.

Or if you’re a real Martin Prince type, you can play it true to the game and feather-touch that damn ball into the hole with a putter. Either way, you’re able to play again and again until you’ve suddenly lost about ten minutes of your life exhausting all two (2) options.

lee carvallo putting challenge
The only true option.

You can also download Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge if you’re on a PC so you can play to your heart’s content while you’re offline. And in case you’re wondering, yes that download does, in fact, come with a free scoring pencil.

Sure, people have labelled the game as “pretty underwhelming”, but is that not where the beauty of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge lies? It’s certainly no Bonestorm, but that’s entirely the point. Seeing it in all its low-budget pixelated glory is so good, and it’s brought me just as much gentle joy as the first time I played Untitled Goose Game.

If anything, it’s a nice little nostalgic moment for this garbage-fire of a year.