Ever woke up to the sound of the garbage truck speeding past and thought ‘fuck, the bins’? Maybe you haven’t. Either way, SmartCan, the self-driving wheelie bin, supposedly has your back.

The robot trash can has been lauded as the ultimate solution for lazy and forgetful people everywhere. According to its website, it’s a “plug-and-play motorised trashcan” that pairs with your phone. Once the dates and times have been locked in, the bin apparently goes to the curb unassisted.

It’s also worth noting that the inventor of these robot bins, Andrew Murray, is a fucking snacc. Bloody good on him and his genetics.

Some Genius Has Invented A Self-Driving Wheelie Bin, Which Is Also Me After 1 Savvy B
Hi, how are ya?

After Gizmodo shared the invention to Twitter, the internet naturally came forward with their many feelings.

Aaaaaaand then came the inevitable comments about the term “self-driving trash”. I mean, the joke really writes itself, doesn’t it? “Self-driving trash” now unashamedly exists on my Tinder profile, because I’m trying this new thing where I’m open and upfront about the real me.

Your ex-girlfriend probably feels the same about you, buddy.

Anyway, good evening to Andrew Murray and Andrew Murray alone.

Source: Gizmodo

Image: Smart Can; Twitter / @timmshady