Samsung’s New Folding Phone Seems To Break Remarkably Easily

Days after the first lot of Samsung Galaxy Fold reviews painted a seemingly positive picture of the landmark device, reports of broken screens are now flooding in from across the world.

[jwplayer u4AeGU7l]

Some of them are flickering, some are completely blacked out in areas, and others are copping permanent dents from what reviewers describe as normal use.

No one experiencing the problems can figure out for certain why it’s happening, but some of the issues may be a result of removing the thin plastic sheet on the inner screen, which is meant to stay on the deceive. Allegedly, this fact isn’t made very clear.

Samsung has since told The Verge writer, Dieter Bohn, that it will issue an official statement on the matter soon.

Others have not spotted any problems at all, so this could just be a first-run production issue rather than a baked-in fault. Either way, it’ll likely be resolved before any kind of mass rollout.

The thing is, the Galaxy Fold is a US $2,000 phone, which means it’ll cost upwards of $2,700 here in Australia, so durability is a massive concern at a price like that. This sort of thing isn’t uncommon with brand new technology, so there’s always gonna be a kink somewhere. Despite these recent issues, the Fold was always going to be a device for early adopters.

When it works, however, the feedback seems to be pretty good.