I don’t claim to be some sort of “tech expert” or “turbo nerd”, but I do know that if you are trying to win the smartphone wars you should 100% avoid having phones that explode or catch fire or burn people’s shit down.

To me, that seems self-evident, but apparently for Samsung it was not a huge priority to check if the phone will become (much like the fictional protagonist of the hit Prodigy song) a twisted firestarter.

Samsung Sends Users Gloves And Fireproof Boxes To Return Exploding Phones

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story and have no why idea what I’m talking about: Samsung Galaxy Note 7have been exploding. A lot. The phones they issued to replace the exploding ones? They also explode.

After just 2 months on the market, the Note 7 came to a sad end yesterday when Samsung issued a definitive halt on production and a product-wide recall. They told anyone with one of the phones to power them down immediately, so if you’re reading this story on one: STOP.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the phones are, y’know, EXPLOSIVE, they’ve had a little bit of trouble with shipping – it turns out that putting explosive items on airplanes is frowned upon?? New info to me.

To this end, Samsung are encouraging users to mail them back via ground mail (seems insensitive to the lives of couriers and truck drivers, but w/e), and they’re sending out special return kits that come with a pair of safety gloves and an insulated safety box.

Technology is truly a marvellous thing.

Source: Gizmodo.