Pssst, Samsung’s Still Giving Away Free Galaxy S20s With An Oz-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Samsung microcode

Alright so here’s the lowdown, kids or adults or adults with kids: Samsung has been giving away free Galaxy S20 Ultra 5Gs to anyone who finds a hidden code in their advertisements.phone1198

And by code, I mean a microcode – it’s bloody tiny.

If you stumble upon one of their regular ads online, you’ll find a minuscule variation of the word ‘phone’ hidden somewhere within the frame – it could be spelt like ‘ph0on3’, or perhaps ‘fone200’ – the combinations are aplenty.

Exhibit A

See, I think you’re underestimating just how miniature these codes are. If you look really, really closely at the example above, you’ll see an almost-nonexistent code tucked just under the bottom of the phone in the ad.

And while the codes may initially be hard to find, simply whacking one (that hasn’t already been redeemed) into Samsung’s website could earn you the latest Galaxy to play with.

To find the microcodes, it’s best that you use a zoom that has near-telescope powers (eg. the S20’s 100x Space Zoom) so that you can clearly make out the code itself.

But that’s far from all: we’ve also hidden one of the codes right here in the article. First to find one and enter wins.

Here are two carefully crafted clues to help you:

  • Clue #1:  It’s definitely not microscopic.
  • Clue #2: You’ve already gone past it.

Just in case you need a reminder, here are the shortened steps to help you on the wider hunt:

  1. Find a microcode in any of their online ads by zooming in on the pic.
  2. Enter the code along with your deets HERE.
  3. If the code hasn’t been redeemed and you win, sit and wait for your phone to arrive in the mail like an excited child (or adult, or child with an adult).

People have already won over 44% of the phones so you need to stop what you’re doing and focus solely on this. Ignore your partner for an entire day if you have to, it’s no skin off my nose.

I’m sure they’ll understand, do it for the S20’s zoom alone:

I’m sweating, this is so bloody exciting.