Happy Monday: Rhys Nicholson Made Himself On Sims But Then It Set Itself On Fkn Fire

*Breathes in* Rhys Nicholson made him and his boyfriend on Sims, it was all going so well, they slow danced together but then the Sim version of himself burned to death and his Sim dog too *breathes out*.

Yes the cursed PC game that I used to spend hours on as a kid has once again proved itself to be the BEST GAME EVER. Do I have any right whatsoever to make a massive call like that? Absolutely not. Am I gonna say it anyway? You fucken bet.

Seriously, in what other game can you use the motherlode cheat to make an identical version of The Simpsons house, get impregnated by a vampire and then die in a swimming pool because someone deleted the ladder???? I’m waiting…

Rhys Nicholson knows what’s up because he has also been having a fun time on Sims. But just like me when I was ten, he’s had to learn the hard lesson that it’s never a good idea to make yourself as a Sim because some truly fucked shit can happen. For example: I made myself into a Sim, got pregnant and then out of the blue both me and my Sim baby died. Ahhh, not cool.

Similarly, Rhys made a pretty accurate version of himself and his boo on Sims. “Things were going great”, Rhys wrote on Instagram.

Couple goals TBH.

But then…

They even slow danced together. Welp.

Well that was short-lived but that should come as no surprise to Sims stans. If there was no chaos and no death involved in Sims then you may as well be playing Neopets or Stardoll with the rest of the noobs.

Now to finish off, here’s a shameless plug for my friend’s dedicated Sims YouTube channel. This video only has one view, and that view is me – which says it all really, doesn’t it?


Ooh be gah! Dag dag.