Rejoice, Booty Enthusiasts: The Peach Emoji Once Again Looks Like A Butt

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this level of filth and depravity, but some people out there think Apple‘s beloved peach emoji looks like a butt.

Personally, I don’t see it.

 <– me.

Apple’s recent beta version of iOS 10.2 came with a redesign of the peach, making it look like a less sexual object to those of you who think a purple aubergine resembles a penis (not me, that’s for sure!!!), and more like, well, a peach.

This news appeared to upset one or two of you.

But never fear, you twisted fiends. Apple heard your complaints, and has reinstated the butt, I mean peach.

The Next Web noticed that the third iOS 10.2 developer beta, the peach is back to it’s distinctly crack-like shape.

Apple: the company that’ll get your headphone jack off its iPhones, but will not salt your sexting game.

Photo: A butt.