Reddit Conspiracy Nutjobs Are Deadset Convinced That WW3 Kicks Off Today

President Donald Trump. That still looks incredibly strange written down, but hey, that’s the crazy fucking world we live in, isn’t it?

The Trump presidency, even in its relatively early stages, has made a lot of people feel pretty uneasy about the state of certain international relationships. 
And for good reason, we’re talking about a rich idiot who once hosted a reality TV show having access to an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons. The guy has a button on his desk exclusively for ordering a Coke for fuck’s sake.
Most notably, tensions between the US and North Korea are at a nerve-wracking high, prompting fears of a nuclear strike from the hermit nation and its unstable as fuck leader, Kim Jong Un
The incredibly weird Reddit community, /r/Conspiracy, reckon it’s gonna happen, and much sooner than you think. In fact, they’re betting the US will be thrown into nuclear war today.  
In a number of threads that reference “4/26“, today’s date (the clocks have ticked over in the US at the time of writing), a bunch of people have presented evidence that allegedly points to a North Korean attack.  
Essentially, this all has to do with Operation Gotham Shield – a legitimate training exercise that’s happening in New York and New Jersey to test preparedness for a nuclear strike in the country. 
Internet nutjobs reckon this exercise will be used to pass off an actual nuclear attack as a routine exercise, even though it’s been in planning for “about a year”, the Federal Emergency Management Agency told Motherboard.
A number of conspiracy outlets like InfoWars are joining the circus, throwing the theory around like terrifying confetti, but the Reddit post’s author, “Fuckaduckfuckaduck”, decided to take things even further, suggesting the exercise is merely a distraction. 
“What if North Korea’s nuclear test isn’t their usual underground test? What if it’s a “test’ of their newly unveiled submarine based ballistic missiles… from a sub off the coast of the U.S.?,” they said. 
To support this wild claim, the user provided a list of plane crashes, explosions, earthquakes and scientific discoveries that have historically happened on April 26. How this ties into the intentions of North Korea is anyone’s guess.
He also cites Operation Jade Helm, which InfoWars presenter Alex Jones reckons is Obama‘s “secret plan” to impose martial law and take away all the guns in Texas.
Will it happen? Not bloody likely, but the prospect of nuclear war is as scary as it’s ever been. The unpredictable nature of both President Trump and North Korea is truly terrifying.  
Source: Motherboard.
Photo: Signs.