Folks Are Already Posting Videos Of Themselves Dicking Around In ‘Red Dead 2’

Red Dead 2 is officially out in the wild, folks, and the in-game content is hitting the internet faster than a skittish horse bolting from gunfire. As you’d expect, the absolute cream of these videos come from simply dicking around in the game’s enormous open world.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

Here are some of the best clips we’ve seen so far.

Patting the local dogs is one of the best things you can do in RDR2, but not all of the NPCs will take kindly to your behaviour.

But if you’re a horrible person, you can be a real jerk to the animals.

Although sometimes things happen by accident. I did the exact same thing and I still feel terrible about it.

But fuck getting mauled by a bear.

Others are more into the simple joys of dragging people around.

You can’t deny how goddamn beautiful RDR2 looks. Some of the emerging screenshots are incredible.


Folks are even getting legitimately sad if their horse dies.

And this… I don’t even know how to preface this.

I ended up naming my horse Big Boi, but others certainly did try to get, uh, creative.

But there sure is a lot to observe around the place.

So far, my favourite mission has been going to the Saloon with a friend and pressing B to yell LENNYYYYY over and over again. It’s a fucking hoot, folks, trust me.

Red Dead 2 is out right now on PS4 and Xbox One. Just make sure you’re prepared to sink some serious time into it, because it’s absolutely enormous.

If you’re into cheat codes for the game, you can suss them here.