Here’s A Sneaky Life Hack To Get Yr Hands On A PS5 This Week If You Missed Out On A Preorder

ps5 where to buy launch day

If the FOMO of not having a PS5 pre-order to collect this week is hitting you like a tonne of bricks, fear not, my friends because there’s a slight chance you could still get your grubby little hands on one on launch day.


There is still a chance that you (the person reading this here website) could walk into a store and physically get your hands on a PS5 this week. Huge, I know.

The legends over at Kotaku have done the digging to find out exactly when all of your favourite retailers – including JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and Amazon – will have consoles back in stock.

As you’d expect, most of them are expecting major delays, with one EB Games employee putting it bluntly by telling Kotaku that “we are very, very sold out.”

From my experience as an ex-JB Hi-Fi worker, you can safely assume that it’ll be at least a couple of months before you can just walk into a store, have a chat to a salesperson and buy a new console.

But thankfully, there is one place left in Australia that *might* be able to sell you a console on Friday, November 13.

I present to you: The Gamesmen.

The Gamesmen is the longest-running independent games store and considering they’re probably the only place that has a handful of consoles to sell you on Friday, it’s easy to see why.

Unfortunately, this means your only hope is if you can physically get to the South Sydney store by 10am on Friday (you’ll probably want to get there earlier because, you know, lines).

I know, I know, it sucks if you live in Melbourne or any other city in Australia. But let’s be real, Sydney sucks, so we’ll let them have this one.

The Gamesmen hasn’t revealed exactly how many consoles they have to sell, but when tech retailers say “limited stock” with this stuff, it usually means like… 10.

Obviously, don’t be ~that guy~ who walks in and demands that they sell you a PS5. The very limited stock that has been reserved for in-store purchases will likely sell out instantly, so it’s worth a shot if you’re *really* desperate.

But do not, and I repeat DO NOT be an asshole to the staff if they’ve sold out before you arrive. I’m watching you.

You can peep all of the approximate wait times for your favourite retailers on Kotaku here.

You’re welcome.