Amazon Prime Day Is Here & Our Wallets Don’t Stand A Chance Against These Tech & Gaming Deals

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Mates, Prime Day is here and boy are the bargains bigger and better this year. On Amazon Prime Day 2022, expect a whole slew of red hot deals on all things gaming and tech, including the lowest price drop we’ve ever spotted on a PS5 DualSense controller.

To help you lock down what’s good, we’ve gone through and rounded up the best Prime Day gaming deals for the PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch that have big “shut up and take my money” energy, ya feel?

If you want to get in on all the action, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership. Fear not if you don’t have one, since you can enjoy 30-day free trial with them to take advantage of those sweet, sweet Prime Day deals.

Those who’ve previously had a membership and want to sign back up can do so by paying a small fee of $6.99 to regain access to your juicy lil Prime benefits. But don’t worry, you can cancel at any time if you don’t want to keep paying month-to-month.

Without further ado, let’s crack onto the deals.

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The Best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals

Us inhaling all the Nintendo deals

Us sucking up some deals.

First thing’s first, Amazon is currently running a deal where you can pick up the Nintendo Switch here for $339, which will save you a nice $130 off its usual RRP of $469.

The OLED model is also on sale here for $445 (down from $539.95). It’s the perfect choice if you want a Switch with a bigger and brighter screen as well as double the storage capacity.

Considering that most full price Switch games retail around the $89 mark, you might as well grab a game or two on your way to checkout (more on that below).

If previous Prime Days are anything to go by, these Nintendo Switch deals won’t be around for long, so if you’re keen on picking one up for yourself you’ll want to act quickly.

OK, here are some Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals worth sussing:

The Best Amazon Prime Day PS4 and PS5 Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2022 gaming deals

Hello, the deals are here.

The standout deal from this lot is 47% off the PS5 DualSense controllers, which usually go for up to $119.95 but are now down to $63. This is the lowest price drop we’ve ever witnessed since these galaxy-inspired controllers dropped down from the cosmos, so we reckon you ought to snap one up quick.

If you’re one of the chosen ones who are lucky enough to own a PlayStation 5, here are some of the best Prime Day deals for PS5 games to nab:

For those still soldiering on with a PS4, here are some bangin’ bargains to bulk up your game library:

If you’ve ever missed out on playing an iconic game such as God of War or The Last of Us, you have no excuses now. The PlayStation Hits range has dropped down to a wee $8 – check them out below:

And don’t forget to suss these PlayStation accessory deals below:

The Best Amazon Prime Day Xbox Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2022 gaming deals

How yr bank account probably feels RN.

Big dog Amazon’s been stewing on the Xbox Series S console at $449 for quite some time. But those with a Prime account (that’s you) can score an extra cheeky deal.

If you buy the Xbox Series S during the Prime Day extravaganza, you’ll be gifted with a $50 Amazon credit to use on any future purchases. This deal is basically saying “save $50 off your new Xbox and have a little $50 on us too”. Wild, right? You can take advantage of this offer here.

And now for the games. There is a helluva decent selection of renowned Xbox One and Series X games titles on sale, so it’s a good chance to pick up some great titles to bulk up your ever-growing shame pile.

Some of the discounted titles include:

Prime Day Tech Deals

Listen, there’s a lot of Prime Day tech deals, so let’s just dive straight into it, pals. Here are the best Prime Day tech deals we reckon you’ll froth:

Want more Prime Day bargains?

If you haven’t bled yr bank account dry just yet, you can check out more Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals below: