Meanwhile at E3, a brand new electric-type Pokémon has caused a stir… because of HOW GODDAMN CUTE IT IS. In short, it’s a corgi. It’s a corgi-looking Pokémon with a heart on its butt. What more do you want?

The discovery of Yamper, an electric-type Pokémon, was made during Nintendo‘s demo of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. 


Serebii – all things Pokémon – snapped a quality picture of Yamper’s details. For example, get around this treasure: “If the Pokémon is not holding an item, it will fetch the Poké Ball from the first failed throw of the battle.”


Thanks to Serebii, we also copped a peek at some of its moves including ‘Play Rough’, ‘Spark’, ‘Crunch’, and ‘Wild Charge’. 

Last week, Nintendo unveiled a string of new Gen 8 Pokémon from Sword and Shield, including the already universally-adored pocket monster Wooloo. This lil’ beauty is a Sheep Pokémon, whose wool is a speciality product of the brand new Galar region. According to The Pokémon CompanyWooloo do not like conflict. If they need to escape enemies, they – wait for it – simply roll away. 

Other new creatures include the grass-type Gossifleur who can evolve into Eldegoss, the flying/steel-type Corviknight (extremely badass looking), and the water/rock-type Drednaw. 

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield is slated for a worldwide release November 15, 2019 on the Switch. 

P.S. As IGN noted, you can absolutely Dynamax Yamper.