Sony’s Making A New PlayStation Announcement Every Day For The Next 5 Days

It turns out Sony has so many PlayStation announcements to make, it’s decided to start the action ahead of its scheduled E3 briefing next Monday the 11th of June. The company will announce something new each day starting tomorrow (well, today, but that’s tomorrow for us. Timezones, man. What a ride) at 8am pacific time (1am AEST the following morning).

It won’t always be a new game, but there’s certainly a few new titles scattered throughout the list. Other announcements will be release dates for anticipated games and titles coming to PS VR. Here’s what they’ve got planned.

  • Wednesday, June 6 – New PS4 Game With PS VR Support
  • Thursday, June 7 – Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title
  • Friday, June 8 – New PS4 Game
  • Saturday, June 9 – New PS VR Game
  • Sunday, June 10 – An Eagerly Anticipated Game Comes to PS VR

So what in the bloody heck are these going to be? Well, there’s a few guesses getting around, but a couple of the hints are fairly broad, so they could literally be anything. Solid contenders, though, are a release date for either Days Gone or Dreams on Thursday, but everything else is pretty well up in the air, folks.

PlayStation’s E3 briefing will be happening at 6pm pacific time on Monday the 11th of June, but if you’re keen to have a gander for yourself, you can tune in from 11am AEST.