The PlayStation 5 Console Has Finally Been Revealed & Gamers Are Planning To Sell A Kidney

It’s finally here: Sony has today unveiled the PlayStation 5, and it’s a shiny new upgrade that has fans stressing about how to afford it. The reactions are already stunning.

First, this is what it looks like. It’s a futuristic piece of tech revealed right at the end of Sony’s PlayStation 5 event this morning, abandoning PlayStation’s traditional black for white. It’ll come in two version – the normal console and a ‘Digital Edition’ – and will be accompanied by a 3D camera.

playstation 5

A new 3D audio headset is also being released, as well as a new charging station and HD camera. The whole thing looks pretty bloody schmick, and it’s already making my PS4 look like yesterday’s news.

Fans have been waiting for this since plans for the PS5 – the successor to the PS4, which was released in 2013 – were revealed in April 2019. Then its launch was delayed due to the coronavirus. Now it’s finally here, and fans are reacting *exactly* how you’d expect them to react.

The one thing missing from today’s event was the price. Sony decided not to announce how much the PS5 will cost, but rumours have put it at around US $499 (AU $731). A supposed leak on Amazon’s UK website put it at £599 (AU $1,104).

I hope you either like saving or aren’t too attached to that kidney.

Sony hasn’t given any indication as to when it will reveal the price, but the console is slating for sale by the “holidays 2020”, so we don’t expect the price to be too far off.