PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ third map is almost here, folks. In fact, it’s being tested right now, and those lucky enough to have a code to it are already streaming their gameplay online.

The anticipated new map, codenamed Savage, is half the size of the other two maps, which are both 8km x 8km. Given that 100 players are still pumped into the thing, it should make for some quicker games. From what I’ve seen so far, the only difference is that more people die in the early game.

A bunch of Twitch and YouTube streamers are playing right now, giving us a good look at how Savage handles. Check out Game Attack‘s stream below.

The new map has a kind of Vietnam vibe, littered with huts and palm trees, as opposed to Miramar‘s desert shacks and Erangel‘s eastern European dankness.

If you asked me what the next map was going to be before the initial screenshots for Savage emerged, I would have put money on the unnamed snow map. This smaller map could well be PUBG Corp‘s response to Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode, which features a relatively small play area and fast-paced action.

It looks like the team’s brought back weather effects, too. A few of the games I’ve watched so far have been foggy and other players have even talked about what sounds like dynamic weather, which absolutely rules if true.

Gameplay Footage From The New ‘PUBG’ Map Hints At Returning Weather Effects

You can sign up for access to test Savage right here if you’re keen, but not everyone will get a code, so good luck.

Image: PUBG