Get An Ice Cream Down Yr Gullet The Fastest At PAX Aus & Win A Free Console

Reckon you can shovel delicious food down your gob at a speed that would rival even the greatest of hotdog-slamming eating champs? Even if it happened to be a chilly treat that would absolutely put you at risk of a brain freeze?

You, champion of champions, best be making your way to Australia’s very own PAX this year then. It’s the biggest gaming and technology convention on the calendar with countless gamers treading the halls at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to gawk at the goodies.

We’re also giving away 10 x double passes to PAX so you get around the action yourselves. Chuck your deets in the comp form below:


Amid all the flashing LEDs of custom consoles, cosplayers and new video games to try, you’ll find a station that will test your resilience like no game ever has. You don’t get to button mash this challenge – you just have to smash.

We’re hosting a big ol’ Maxibon eating contest, and whoever can eat one the fastest is up for some serious prizes. This is no mere speed run, this is a serious contest. The winner of each individual comp will score a lil’ prize and the overall winner of each day will get to choose a brand spankin’ new console to take home with them.

You’ll be up against some formidable opponents too – some of your fave players from Avant Gaming are already getting themselves ready for the challenge, smashing Maxibons left and right to prepare their brains for the inevitable freeze.

They’re ready. This is basically them right now:

You might be thinking, “How can I, a mere mortal, compete against the folks from Avant Gaming?” but let us assure you – they are not infallible. So if you reckon you’re up to the challenge, here are the details.

The arena? The Smash Zone at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The time? All of PAX weekend, from the 26th to the 28th of October.

The tools? Just your drooling mouths and a Maxibon.

The prize? Either a Playstation 4 Pro, XBOX One S or Nintendo Switch – your choice!

Besides, if you’re gonna be there checking out all the sick new tech and games, you might as well have a snack.

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