OH GOOD: CSIRO Is Building AI Exclusively To Scare The Shit Out Of You

It is a fairly safe assumption that all scientists are mad scientists, and thus all science is mad science. Tucked away in their labs they conduct secretive experiments that I assume mock the beauty of God’s creation and and risk his righteous wrath.
That theory might sound absurd or even demonstrably wrong, but this is a pretty convincing argument that it’s at least somewhat true: CSIRO is building a “Nightmare Machine” (their name) specifically to make images terrifying to humans.
Why are they doing this? Apparently so they can eventually emotionally manipulate people, which is in itself terrifying: 
“What we are very interested in is how to instil particular emotion in people — so can we feel positive emotions, like warmth friendliness, a machine telling the human ‘work with me, trust me’.

“In order for these machines to not scare humans, you need to teach them first what scares human, this is what we do with children.

“The fact that we can tell machines, ‘Hey, this is really scary, don’t do any of this’, that might be a practical application for the Nightmare Machine.”

I for one think it doesn’t at all sound like the start of a horror movie that they’ve made something designed to induce fear, and I can’t see this at all ending in the destruction of human civilisation in some Skynet-type fashion.

The Nightmare Machine is a neural network that was fed 200,000 human faces in a bid to teach it to recognise any human face, and was fed a zombie face with much more weight than the human face, it works by randomly generating faces according to what it thinks a face looks like.
Over time it will get more accurate as people tell it what is and is not scary and it gets better and better at generating nightmare hell images.
Here’s just some of the incredible artworks it has been generating:

Presidental candidates.

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This is honestly the craziest fucking thing I have ever seen:

Kermit the Zombie before/after.

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The Simpsons

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Isn’t it amazing what you can do with technology.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Instagram / @Nightmare_Machine.