There’s An Online Marketplace For ‘Animal Crossing’ Items, Which Is Peak Isolation Shit

'Animal Crossing'

Meanwhile, in the Animal Crossing community, a bloke has created Nookazon. It’s an online marketplace exclusively for Animal Crossing items. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

I don’t know about you guys, but my interior decorating journey in the game has been halted because I don’t have the materials / objects to make an ironwood kitchenette. My kitchen is sad and empty. Help. I have wood and I have plenty of iron nuggets, but I don’t have the recipes for an ironwood dresser and cutting board. From what I’ve gathered, the only way you can get new recipes is from inside message bottles, sky parcels, villagers, Resident Services, and Tom Nook (when he’s feeling generous). So really, t’is a game of chance. Timmy and Tommy sometimes sell fab speciality items you want, but I’m emphasising “sometimes” here. Enter Nookazon. The online trading website is divided into ten categories, including clothing, DIY recipes, flowers, fossils, fruits, and furniture. There is also a, um, “villagers” section…

Anyway, you can either list an item or ask for one. To buy an item you need to contact the seller on Discord and sort details there. Some users will even make items for you, all you have to do is bring them the materials. Someone is selling an ironwood kitchenette for one Nook Miles Ticket and honestly, I’m tempted. Also, it appears the currency is either Bells or other items in the game. So no actual money is involved.

I haven’t tried Nookazon myself and I don’t know if I will, unless I lose all patience, but people on Twitter seem to be happy with it.

Seems pretty chill.


For those unsure about the process / don’t want randoms running around their island, some users have placed tables between the airport and the entrance to the island to physically block any visitors from actually entering your space. Or you can use a fence.

Fair enough, I guess.


Oh, and if you were wondering just what a five-star island looks like. Behold.