Nintendo Just Released A Version Of ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ For Cowards

The original Legend of Zelda is like 31 years old this year, so if you haven’t already played it, it has to potential to be a difficult and jarring experience for you. Games were tough in the old days, folks, but fret not, Nintendo has released a special version of the game via its online service which will probably make it a lot easier for you.

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Nintendo Switch Online launched back in September, offering, among lots of things, a collection of classic NES games for the nostalgia-hungry fiends you all are, one of them being 1987’s The Legend of Zelda.

If you’re keen to give the incredibly great game a spin for the first time, but are also a coward, Nintendo has now added a special save slot to the game which will give you a ton of items and rupees from the very beginning. If you feel like taking advantage of the head start, you’ll begin the game with the White Sword, the Magical Shield, the Power Bracelet, and the Blue Ring. You’ll also have a shitload of rupees, so buying even more items won’t be a problem.

If you wanna make things a little harder once you get used to it, beating the game will then give you access to a mode called Second Quest, which ramps up the difficulty for your next playthrough. Furthermore, you can now play Zelda in multiplayer, which lets you share your screen with another person and hand over control of link to them.

Nintendo plans on doing this kind of thing with more NES games, as well, saying it will offer “fun new entry points into fan-favourite games”. 

True to its word, the company has also added a bunch of new NES games to the online library, including NES Open Tournament GolfSolomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball. There will also be more coming in the following months.