Our mates and yours at Nintendo have announced a fresh new console: the Nintendo Switch. It’s a weird hybrid device that basically tries to be both a home and portable console, via a fairly slick system of attachable and detachable controller modules.

Watch the dang video: 

This seems like a bit of a shift for Nintendo – it’s well known that ever since the Wii they’ve not been gunning for the hardcore gamer market, as both iterations of that console were far underpowered compared to their competitors. This is basically a tablet, so it’ll be chugging along on mobile hardware – but the focus doesn’t seem to be on kids or family gaming anymore.

In the video, they’re clearly trying to big up the console’s versatility: you can be playing it on your telly, then undock it, whack on the controller modules, and keep on playing it mobile. Some of the situations seem impractical – you are not taking your Nintendo console to an impromptu basketball game, you big nerd – but it looks interesting nonetheless.

The new Zelda is shown, as well as a new Mario game and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This’ll be an interesting console no matter what – and it’ll be very, very intriguing to see whether gamers who already own a current-gen console and a smartphone see any value in it.

That said, if you love Zelda and Mario, you’ll be buying this. Obviously.

Source: Nintendo.