More Evidence Of A Mini N64 Has Emerged So Prep For ‘GoldenEye’ Deathmatch

After the release of the Mini NES and Mini SNES consoles, Nintendo fans have been hanging out for the holy grail of nostalgic re-releases – the Mini N64. Welp, the company has just added fuel to the already blazing fire of rumours around the anticipated hardware.

According to website Japanese Nintendo, the company has filed another trademark in Japan to cover things like controller, joystick, video game program, and download-capable electronic game program. Sounds promising, no?

There’s a few mentions of downloadable software as well as software for phones. Given Nintendo has already shown an interest in creating more mobile content, it’s just another sign that the team is sticking to their word.

But like all of the past rumours and speculation around the Mini N64, it’s worth noting that companies like Nintendo file similar trademarks all the time, primarily in order to protect their properties and not always to signal any kind of release. Similarly, the company filed several trademarks last year relating to its game controllers, including the iconic three-handled N64 controller.

Still, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibility of seeing one of the best consoles of all time hit the shelves again. Given the raging success of Nintendo’s previous re-released hardware, I can’t see why it would shy away from this opportunity to print even more easy money.

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.