Nintendo’s Releasing A 5-Disc ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Soundtrack With 211 Songs

If you love The Legend of Zelda franchise and limited edition goodies, then you’ll love this five-disc soundtrack that Nintendo just announced. Pity you’ll have to travel to Japan to buy it, though.

To celebrate the Nintendo Switch and its landmark launch game, ‘Breath of the Wild‘, turning one, the company announced a huge soundtrack package via GameSpot which contains all 211 of the game’s original songs. It’ll be out on April 25 and only available for purchase in Japan.

The set also includes tracks from the DLC packs and music that was featured in the game’s 2014 E3 trailer and 2017 Nintendo Switch presentation.

There’ll be a standard edition which contains only the five CDs for ¥5,000 ($61.16), but the limited edition set will also contain a Play Button MP3 player pre-loaded with 15 “field” tracks from the franchise’s history, as well as special packaging for ¥7,000 ($85.62).

There’s no word on whether the release will ever be available internationally, but I honestly can’t see why they wouldn’t extend it. Until then, you might have to plan a trip to Japan if you’re really keen on owning one of these bad boys. Our scour eBay, whatever’s easier. More pictures here.

If you still haven’t experienced what is probably the best Nintendo game of all time, I implore you to pick it up. Along with its beautiful open world and amazing gameplay, the soundtrack is an incredibly beautiful piece of art that stands up on its own merits.