New iOS Update Might Have A New Mode For Wankers Who Text At The Movies

According to a high-level nerd, Apple will allegedly begin trials for their latest iPhone and iPad update, iOS 10.3, on January 10. 

While the company ain’t confirming shit, it’s rumoured to include a new feature referred to as “theatre mode”. It will likely live in the control centre and as the name suggests, it’ll be for use in the cinema. Predictably, the icon will be popcorn. 
According to the red hot tipoff, the button will supposedly dim your screen and mute any sound and notifications with one tap. Kind of like a roided-up silent mode. Others are predicting that it will make watching movies on your iPhone easier. 
Some highly strung moviegoers aren’t happy with the idea of a cinema mode either, predicting that many will use it as a free pass to get textual during a movie. Others say it won’t make a difference – idiots are paying money to play on their phones in front of a movie screen already. 
More importantly, many are hoping that the new update will include a fix for the debilitating battery draining bug that’s making the iPhone 5 through to 6S completely dead at around 30 percent.    
According to Sonny Dickson, who is certainly no stranger to an Apple leak, the update be available to all users by the end of the month.  

Photo: The Muppets.

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