This Year’s ‘Call Of Duty’ Game Is Rumoured To Be ‘Black Ops 4’

Just like bloody clockwork, a brand new Call of Duty game will be coming out later this year. This time, it’s going to be part of the Black Ops subseries.

Speaking to “multiple sources”, Eurogamer reports that Black Ops 4 will allegedly “dial back” the whole sci-fi thing and focus on “a more grounded feeling”. Given the raging success of COD: WWII and the heaping pile of crap that was 2016’s Infinite Warfare, I’d say that’s a pretty wise move.

Activision use three studios to create COD games, which is how they manage to pump out a new one each year. Last year’s entry was developed by Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward did Infinite Warfare, and Treyarch is currently working on the rumoured Black Ops 4.

A bloke named Marcus Sellars, who claims to be an “industry insider”, also made a tweet about the upcoming title. Old make reckons the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as the traditional platforms – PS4, Xbox One, and PC – but can’t say the information has been verified at this stage.

He also notes that the port will be handled by a company who has experience with the series, which is always relieving to hear.

It’ll be interesting to see how Treyarch plan on pulling the Black Ops series back from its last lackluster entry, but “boots on the ground” is a phrase that gives me hope.