Netflix has quietly removed its one-month free trial offer for new members in Australia.

It means new customers will now have to fork out from day dot. No sneaky cancelling at the last minute, and no new email addresses after 30 days.

In its place is a new offer: a free, one-month upgrade.

Users who sign up for a basic plan will be upgraded to standard, and users who sign up for a standard plan will be upgraded to premium. Users who sign up for premium are probably already rich and therefore don’t get anything.

Whistleout believe the previous offer was axed sometime this year, just after Netflix got rid of it in the UK in 2019.

There are currently a mix of countries where the offer still stands, apparently without any rhyme or reason to an outsider. For example, new subscribers in the United States, Austria, South Korean, and China can still snap up the free month, while those in, say, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, and Vietnam cannot.

In Australia, rivals Stan and Amazon Prime Video both still offer a one-month free trial for new customers. Disney+ also offers a one-week free trial.

If you don’t already have Netflix by now (or don’t already use a mate’s account), it sounds like you never really intended to pay in the first place. Only now, Netflix have cottoned on to your ways.

Image: iStock / GoodLifeStudio