PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered up with M Live's Neighbourhood Earth, bringing you the ultimate virtual space experience.

As many of us don’t have the budget required for a ticket on Richard Branson’s fancy Virgin Galactic spacecraft, M Live’s new interactive experience is offering the next best thing!

It’s called Neighbourhood Earth, an award-winning exhibition developed by NEC Partners, in conjunction with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center to show off space science and exploration in the most imaginative way possible. Its aim is to help connect people after a truly rough two years while also educating them on humans, spatial and temporal dimensions, and what it means for all of us on Earth.

With Sydney gradually reopening, it’s the perfect way to shake off those lockdown blues and get amongst the stars.

With getting humans on Mars becoming an increasing priority for humanity, space exploration, in general, is now more relevant and intriguing than ever.

This absolute must-see immersive educational galactic experience includes 8.1 surround sound and a giant projection-mapped dome, transporting audiences into space via an unbelievable cinematic experience. Think of it this way — it makes 3D movies look like child’s play.

Folks who have been lucky enough to experience Neighbourhood Earth have described it as “thrilling,” “immersive” and a “magnificent, vast expanse,” as they travel across the solar system witnessing Mars sunsets, Venus lightning storms and the surface of Jupiter. You’ll be able to interact with the work through the power of touch-sensing projections, holographics and building games.

In other words, this bad boy is about as close as you’ll get to a real-world Star Wars hologram in 2021.

Star Wars Parody GIF

Neighbourhood Earth has toured museums, science centres and venues worldwide, but this marks the first large-scale event Sydney will see this year!

Though our invitation to the billionaire boys’ space race seems to be pending, make sure you jump on board this pioneering exhibition at Sydney’s ICC from November 22 by purchasing tickets here.

Next stop, Mars!

Image: Supplied