The NBA’s New App Lets You Shoot Hoops In AR, So Seeya Later Productivity

Life is merely a series of pointless vignettes connecting us between the moments that really matter: when we’re sitting at our desks bored shitless and playing pointless games on our smartphones.

Well, folks, I’m happy to report that our friends at the NBA have taken a great step forward in the exciting field of time-waster technology. They’ve released a new augmented reality app which finally satisfies humankind’s innate desire to aimlessly sink baskets for a few minutes.

Called NBA AR, the app uses the iPhone‘s new augmented reality platform ARKit to basically create a virtual basketball court onscreen on whatever surface you desire. Now you have the ability to become 2017’s Wilt Chamberlain, who I believe was famous for wasting company hours shooting virtual basketballs into a small virtual hoop.

Here’s an 8-minute compilation of him doing exactly that:

The game is pretty simple. You just use the camera to scan the area you’re in, it generates a court, and then you can move around the space physically, using the screen as a ‘lens’ into the action. You tap the screen to bring up a ball, then move your phone to shoot. It’s clunky as hell and also weirdly addictive.

Also, because everything is ads now, it also tracks your favourite NBA team and keeps you posted on when their next game is.

You can pick it up for iPhone right here.