Myspace Managed To Lose Every Song Uploaded To The Site Between 2003 & 2015

As hard as it is to believe now — in light of all that has happened since — but there was a time when we used Myspace. We used it a lot. We ranked our friends like that wasn’t a psychotic thing to do. We forced people to listen to whatever horrible song we were into at the time the moment they loaded our page, apparently devoid of any self-awareness or empathy. It was a strange time. Less perversely than the other two things, we also used it to listen to music. For a while, in that pre-Bandcamp, pre-Spotify time,  Myspace was the go-to platform for getting your band’s music out.

[jwplayer qOflOVcU]

Thousands and thousands of objectively terrible bands uploaded thousands and thousands of hours of objectively terrible music and yet, statistically, some of it must have been good. Surely, from the power of numbers alone, there is some hidden gem quietly hiding away on a Myspace page. Somewhere on the site, some titanic work of art that would be universally held to be among the greats, if it only it was finally discovered by chance, is waiting. Except it isn’t, because it’s all gone.

It turns out that in the process of doing a server migration, Myspace lost all the music that users uploaded between 2003 and 2015.

Users (there were still some, apparently) had noted issues with links to music at least as far back as 2018, with Myspace saying that they were working on the problem. However, as one Reddit user noticed, they eventually finally admitted that it was gone, with customer support stating that all the data had been corrupted and that there was no way to retrieve it.

This might not be particularly devastating for most people, but it might be disappointing for people who, say, formed a band with their mates in 2006 and only ever chucked the songs on Myspace, only for them now to be lost forever.

Hopefully, that’s not you!