To the horror of the entire human race, Microsoft Office‘s immensely annoying mascot Clippy has been resurrected to passive aggressively correct our typos once again. 

Microsoft’s Clippy Is Back From The Dead To Pester You About The Internet

Don’t run for your pitchforks just yet, folks, he’ll only come to you if you want him to, this time in the form of a browser plugin. Think of it as the online version of saying Bloody Mary into the mirror three times, only the cruel spectre that appears is just an overzealous digital paperclip.

Clippy Everywhere! is a Chrome extension that helps you navigate the same internet you’ve been surfing for years without really doing much at all. C’mon Clippy, we all know what we’re doing by now, pal. 

As you’d expect, Clippy doesn’t actually offer much in the way of help, so if anything, it’s simply a form of sadistic nostalgia for those who love to punish themselves. Gnarly. 

I guess he’s alright when he keeps to himself and just hangs out. It’s almost kinda cute. 

Source: Uproxx.

Photo: Getty / Microsoft.